Equatorial Guinea

By ATerrina Tyalor

The people

The country population is about 523,000 and is still growing at 2.4 percent annually. In this country the two largest cities are Malabo and Bata. The language these people mostly speak are Spain and Spanish. Mostly there religion is Roman catholic. The people are really warm hearten and friendly people. The clothes that they were are western clothing.


Most of the time greetings are buy handshakes or sometimes by a little bow. How you know they are praying is when they press there hands together. People stand close together when they are talking. When men and woman are in public you can not have eye contact at all. When you are visiting the people are very social. Just a single visit to someones house is a gift. If you visit the host house then you would have to serve them. The host normally ask if the guest wants food but if the guest refuse then the host is not offended by it. The urban mostly follow the Spanish eating customs. People mostly eat a light breakfast, a main meal in the middle of day, and a light dinner at night between 8 and 10 pm.