Welcome Back! I missed you!

What did you learn about high school after your first semester?

What are the biggest lessons you learned as a high school freshman? Did you learn that it was easy? How different is it from middle school? Did you make new friends?

Are you using those lessons you learned this semester?

Did you bring those lessons with you into second semester? Or are you doing the same things you did last semester? Have you changed any of your habits? Have you started any new ones?

Tell me how this semester will be different.

Write me a letter!

Your assignment is to write me a letter about your plans for second semester. I will save these letters and give them to you on the last day of school. In this letter, you will tell me how you plan to succeed in ALL of your classes this semester!

You will need to plan and organize your letter. I will need to read about ALL of your classes! It may be easier to organize your letter by your classes...that will be your choice. But there MUST be some sort of organization. This will probably be a long letter because I want to know about all of your classes, including ESL!

Do you plan to participate more? Do you plan to turn in all of your work on time? Do you hope to study more in order to get better test grades? Would you like to become more comfortable speaking to your teacher so they may help you more? These are the things I want to know.

Your Grade

Your grade will be based on several things. Make sure to include:

  1. a greeting or salutation (Dear Mrs. Thompson)
  2. indentations at the beginning of all paragraphs
  3. a closing (Sincerely or Yours Truly)
  4. your signature (your name at the end)

Make sure you also remember to:

  1. capitalize proper nouns (NAMES of people and classes)
  2. capitalize at the beginning of all sentences
  3. use punctuation


Type your letter in a Google doc and share with me. My email is: