10 + 2 Update



10-17-16 to 10-21-16 Canned Food Drive

10-19-16 Early Out 12:45PM

10-27-16 Jefferson City Field Trip

10-28-16 Fall Classroom Parties 1:45-2:30PM (please note the change in ending time)

10-31-16 NO SCHOOL - Teacher Workday

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you for putting in your conference requests. I have created a schedule and listed each child's individual conference time in the comments section of the Friday folder checklist. I have also sent a paper copy of the conference confirmation page. Feel free to confirm this time via paper, email, or text. Please let me know if that time does not work for you and I would be happy to reschedule. I am really looking forward to meeting with you. Thank you in advance!
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Welcome to the Fiction Factory!

This week we branched out and started realistic fiction. We started by taking everyday events and thinking "what if..." Some ideas included: What if you were left overnight in an amusement park? What if you got sucked into a video game? What if you won a million dollars? and so on.

We then experimented with how setting can completely change a story. We started with a common prompt such as write about a time you were lost, but then we spun a virtual spinner to decide the setting of the story. We brainstormed and wrote pieces of stories about being lost in a restaurant, at the zoo, and underwater. It was fun and allowed use to explore our creative writing skills.

Scholastic Book Order

If you wish to place an order for new books, please follow the directions listed below.

  • Visit scholastic.com/readingclub
  • Enter our one-time Class Activation Code - GRQ93
  • Shop and submit your child's book order.
  • Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.