Pet care

How to take care of your pet!!

What pet care means

In order to take care of a new pet you need to do lots of things. Of course you need to do the basics which are feeding, water and bathing, but there is more than just feeding and bathing. What i’ve researched is what to feed dogs and what they can’t eat. Dogs are mammals like us and they are a lot like us but they can’t eat some stuff we can eat. Some of the stuff we eat every day they can’t eat. ASPCA says, ”Chocolate, Macadamia nuts, avocados…these foods may sound delicious to you, but they’re actually quite dangerous for our animal companions.” But some stuff is even healthier than their food pellets. Dogs also need vaccinated rarely. They might not catch our diseases doesn’t mean they can’t get it from another animal. Make sure they are healthy that’s partially the vaccination’s job but does also mean a good diet and exercise. Robin Tierney says, “Staying fit and trim benefits pets just as it does people. Eating nutritious food and avoiding obesity helps animals stay healthy and live longer.” Make sure you have a healthy and loved pet.

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My questions and answers:

  1. How can we take care of pets?

  2. How to bathe pets properly?

  3. How to get your pet on a diet?

  4. What can you do to keep them healthy?

  5. What food is appropriate for animals?

1 Give the animal water, food and bath regularly. Have a good shelter and get good exercise for certain animals.

2 Don’t bathe your dogs too often for they will get dry skin. Bathing depends on the type of dog it is. Normal dogs need to be bathed 3 times a year.

3 First they need exercise like, catch, walking, dog park etc. You also need a good amount of food, and don’t feed them every time they beg for it. Don’t give them more than one treat, it can make them sick and unhealthy.

4 Take your pet to the vet every so often and vaccinate your pet. Wash them for no flees.

5 Don’t feed animals caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, avocado and more. It is mostly all food.


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