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About Me

My name is Jessica, Im a 16 year old Hispanic girl, that plays volleyball, listens to country music, and that has a curiosity for things that go bump in the night. In my early days my mother would watch ghost stories and movies of the supernatural, I would be along side of here. I've always wonder if these things you could see could be real, I have no experience with ghosts or demons, but I wonder if they could be something other than your mind playing tricks on you. Close minded people are my pet peeve, because there can be unexplained things walking among us.

Do Ghosts/ Demons haunt random people?

When people think of a question about ghosts or demons its manly "do they exist" I like to go deep. Do the paranormal happen to certain people. Does the energy you put out in this world reflect if you can see or talk to ghosts.

why this topic?

I choose this topic because it was always something I was interested in. I have always wondered if ghosts are real, can people really talk, see or even be hurt by a ghost. I hope to gain a better understanding from a scientific stand point, if ghosts can talk and can be seen. I hope my reader can make a decision if ghosts are real or not based on what i have showed.

unbunked ghost pictures

Are ghosts even be a possible thing?

The article of by the Paranormal Phenomena in 2008 describe how "ghosts are incompatible with scientific principles." Believing that ghosts cant chill the air, speak or be seen. Scientific reacher can prove that ghosts do not exist but has proven that they cant act the way that they do. Most people have the same effects when seeing a Ghost, the air gets cold, here voices, walk through walls and even be seen. Yet science and simple laws prove they cant do these things. above you can click on the link for the to read the full article.

Why ghosts can be a real thing.

in the article above written by J. Michael Krivyanski he tells how the investigators actually find cold spots, voice recording and see actual things. Saying that ghost investigator are not just following a lost trail but actual science. Using things such as nfrared video cameras, 35-millimeter stillcameras (usually with a flash), and visual digital cameras. Finding actual evidence like cold spots by thermal cameras and see images using them. Also having voice they catch on a magnetic audiotape recorders called EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Even taking pictures of Orbs which are known to be ghostly.

My own research


I took a survey of my class asking a few questions such as

Do you believe in ghosts or demons?

Have they ever had a super natural experience?


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What i gathered

from what i had rather more than half of people believe in ghosts and also more than half have had a supernatural experience. However only 7% actually feels like something about them attracted the supernatural. I concluded that someone attracts the supernatural is a hard question and maybe well will never know.