Come to our event!

Get Sammy to Landmark!

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Saturday, Feb. 23rd 2013 at 12-5pm

204 Alice St

Brisbane, QLD

Hello beautiful people,

Seeing that Landmark has been a magical journey for us all and we have met such incredible people along the way, we (Jillian and Omniya) were inspired to organise a lunch in the sun, by the pool (feel free to bring your togs) to reconnect with everyone and also create a wonderful opportunity to meet new people.

Spreading the "transformational love" is another purpose for this event, and with your kindness and generosity, we would very much like to get our gorgeous friend Sammy to Landmark with the help of any donations you are happy to provide for this on the day.

Either way, we are looking forward to spending time with you all!!

Please bring a dish to share and any drinks you would like.

p.s. If you know Saman please do not mention this to him as we would like to surprise him.