Trustmark Announces Expansion

of Health Plan Coverage Developed from Consumer Feedback

Century-old voluntary benefits solutions company announces the launch of their new critical illness product; a revolutionary insurance product developed 100 percent from consumer feedback.

Lake Forest, Ill., April 17, 2015Trustmark Insurance Company (Trustmark), a mutual company, launches a revolutionary insurance product that is changing lives. Since they already focus on listening to their client’s needs and create plans based on those needs, they are now offering a new critical illness product that will revolutionize the way everyone views Critical Illness Insurance, and now provide this plan developed 100 percent from consumer feedback.

“[The new Critical Illness Insurance] contains product features that have never before been introduced in the critical illness insurance marketplace,” said Dan Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Trustmark. “We learned from our research that essentially the products of today were not meeting the needs of consumers. It was an eye-opening experience, and we knew we had to make some big changes.”

When it comes to their client’s needs, the company doesn’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions and they’ve definitely proven this time and time again, and more specifically due to the fact that their new category-creating product was produced solely on consumer feedback.

Another thing that sets Trustmark apart from the rest is their unique enrollment solutions. They go above and beyond just enrolling their clients into their programs. Through one-on-one employee communication, they help make sure employees are informed about their benefit options, wellness programs, and other corporate initiatives.

Their enrollment solutions are comprehensive which means they address all your needs:

Enrollment simplification

Employee communication

Benefit administration

They also provide a single point of contact to help with getting enrollees set up and help to educate and resolve any issues they may have. Most companies think it’s important for their employees to understand and appreciate their benefits, but only 19 percent believe that they have a complete understanding of their benefits package, having a single point of contact helps bridge that gap.

Mary Ellen, a Trustmark client, experienced Trustmark’s seamless process when she experienced the sudden loss of her sixteen-year old son while her younger son lay in a coma in the hospital with severe damage to his spine and a collapsed lung, and at this point the medical bills were around $600,000.00. “Trustmark took care of everything. I didn’t want to deal with paperwork. I didn’t want to deal with making calls. I didn’t want to deal with anything.” Mary Ellen then goes on to say, “The hardest part was getting the process started, after that, it was just a couple of phone calls that I made, couple of signatures, and I didn’t have to think about it again…once the paperwork was sent in, I think it was maybe two to three weeks. Everyone that I dealt with was very understanding. If it wasn’t for my policy with Trustmark and especially with Trustmark taking care of it as quickly as they have, I think my family would have been financially devastated.”

Trustmark’s mission statement is: “Helping people increase well-being through better health and greater financial security.” They definitely live up to what they set out to do by thinking outside-the-box when it comes to providing their clients with the best voluntary insurance solutions. To learn more about Trustmark, please visit:

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Trustmark offers voluntary insurance products to fit the real needs of today.