Deja Brown

A little bit about me


  • I'm originally from St. Petersburg, FL and also Bradenton, FL.
  • Tampa Bay, meaning that I am surrounded by beaches!


  • I'm currently majoring in Biomedical Sciences- Pre-Professional tract.
  • I'm thinking about minoring in Health-Sciences Pre- Clinical so that I can learn more about medical policies.
  • My ultimate goal is to become a Physician's Assistant (PA) - But not a physician, because I'm not a fan of the whole surgery idea.


  • I applied for this program because I knew that I was interested in a STEM major and figured being in a program specifically for STEM majors would be beneficial
  • I also just like being involved in multiple programs and clubs, and anything that will keep me busy
  • I think that this program will help me to: -Succeed in my STEM classes -Make connections in the STEM field -Strengthen areas I'm weak in (i.e. MATH!) -Make friends with similar interests
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Fun Fact

  • I love/work for Chick-Fil-A