Ms. Jackie & Ms. Luciane's


Happy Valentine's Day

We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Monday at 930. Lilly is bringing dairy free cookies, Jackson and Parker are bringing icing, Ryan is bringing sprinkles, GInger is bringing fruit, and Emmanuel is bringing juice boxes.

If you would like to send in cards or treats, we will help your child hand out. This is optional though, so please do not feel pressured.

*Heather, you are more than welcome to bring Parker for our celebration at 930 or even leave him for the day with us. We don't want him to miss the party, but also understand if you can't make it in.

Letter P Celebration

We will have another party on Wednesday to celebrate the letter P! I am going to pick up some dairy free pancakes and find my coolest pajamas! Please make sure your child has shoes that can be worn on playground, as it's predicted to be 60!!! Who would've thought?! ;)