General Robert E. Lee

And the Battle of Chancellorsville

"Perfect Battle"

At the Battle of Chancellorsville, from April 30, 1863 through May 6, 1863, General Robert Lee's troops crossed paths with those of the Union's General Hooker. General Hooker's army was much larger than General Lee's, Hooker had about 20,000 more men, so it seemed that this battle was going to be a lost cause to the Confederates. But, Lee decided to give it a shot, he boldly split his troops into two so they could attack from different angles. This system proved to be working so he split them once again and attacked. General Hooker was forced to retreat across the Rappahannock River, leaving General Lee with the upper hand; the Battle of Chancellorsville being his greatest victory.

Importance Then

This battle and the presence of General Robert E. Lee were very important to the south during the civil war, it gave the Confederacy more hope, as far as the outcome of the war. It showed them that they had a chance at beating the Union. In turn, it showed the Union that the South had their game on and that this was going to be one serious competition.

Importance Now

Although the Civil War has long been over, Robert E. Lee and the battle of Chancellorsville still have historical significance and hold their legacies. Because, if that battle hadn't occurred, the South wouldn't have regained their hope, the hope that they still had a chance, that they could win. Without Lee's guidance and risky thinking to split the troops, the South wouldn't have held the advantage, they would have been the ones retreating. Not only did General Lee help to win this battle, he also taught the other generals, sergeants, lieutenants, and, even soilders that it's okay to go against the status quo, to take risks, to be bold, as long as you know what you're getting yourself into and what the consequences could be.