The Clique Summer Collection

Author: Lisi Harrison Presentation by savannah schmitt

description for dialogue and characterization.

This dialogue is important because it hints characterization at Massie's mean and competitive personality. Also it is important because it gives you a hint of a lot of the stuff that happens in the book and what Massie does for her job that she is forced to get.

characterization and dialogue

Example # 1

" Trust me." Massie grinned as she pulled the brown glass jar out of her pocket.

"Leather glue?" Jacqueline twirled another black curl.

"Whoa!" Whitney gasped catching on. Her green eyes widened with a mix of amusement and disbelief.

"Come on, we have to work fast," Massie hurried over to Latte.

Example #2

"Do you want me to do your makeup?" Massie hurried to her apple green chaise by the window, where the natural light was best, wave-inviting Ellie to join her.

"Can you make me as pretty as you?" Ellie asked.

"I'm a makeup artist, not a plastic surgeon." Massie replied.

Example # 3

"Your hair is seriously sucking the humidity right out of this room. You should consider a humidifier until the conditioner kicks in. I'm finding it hard to breathe." Massie said.

"But I was planning on surfing later." Lindsey scratched her sunburned forehead.

"Are you also planning on filing your nails with your lips? Because they are about as smooth as an emery board," Massie fired back.

the Clique movie trailer (the first book in the series)

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