Sumerian Times

What's what in ancient Sumer

All Hail Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, the protector of our land, has recently been declared 2/3 good and 1/3 man. He is declared the first superhuman in Sumer. Gilgamesh is so mighty we will write epics about him. Never disobey Gilgamesh or you will be saying goodbye to your head.


We Sumerians don't disappoint when inventing new things. We have invented tons of transportation such as chariots, and sailboats. We also invented so many other things like: beer & wine, board games, and the wheel that changed our society forever. It's a same all those other dumb civilizations copy us.


We were also the inventors of Cuneiform, it was so important to the society because it was the first writing system. Believe it or not, but Cuneiform was developed my Sumerian merchants to keep track of what they sold.

Temple of the Gods

Of course the Sumerians made Ziggurats, I mean who else would be smart enough to do this. This was a huge architectural feat in our history and it took about 1 and a half years to build it. Like all of our other inventions this one will probably be used later on in civilization. Copy cats.

First Culture

We were the first culture to ever exist! We made everything and got this whole big Mesopotamia started. Anything we did, people copied later on in life. We Sumerians think that it is a tad bit unfair that we invented everything and everybody copied us.

Euseph's Jewelery

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Farming Mania

We are hitting a all time low in farming. Please be sure to be very careful and conservative with the food you eat. Sumer is still suffering of the recent flooding of the EU-phrates river. We have ran out of a surplus, and are struggling to feed the good people of Sumer.


Thursday, Nov. 14th, 8pm


We are going to be celebrating the birth of the little baby Sasquatch who will protect our kingdom when our all mighty king Gilgamesh dies.

Fabulous Fashion

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Interview about recent threats from Assyrians

Reporter: "How do you feel about the recent threats from the Assyrians ?"

Man: "These people are crazy trying to invade our land. I think if they want to get us so bad they would've come by now. I think they are scared.

Recent Threats

We have been receiving recent threats from the Assyrians. Everyone is advised to stay in their homes until further notice.