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September 19, 2014

Monday was International Dot Day!

The Dot is a simple book, yet it speaks an important message of self-discovery and perseverance. Students explained how Vashti changed throughout the story and discussed the theme of The Dot virtually using Today's Meet. Students then applied Vashti's lesson to their own lives. How are they going to "make their mark" on Liberty Oaks?
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To begin the lesson on writing and solving multi-step numerical expressions, I challenged students to divide the three packages of Dots candy that I brought for Dot Day. Please see a pictures of one group's work below.

We wrapped up our unit on Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions this week. Next week we'll begin our quick review unit on long division.

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English/Language Arts & Social Studies

Students worked hard this week researching and writing mini-reports on a Native American group. On Wednesday, students wrote a flash-draft, or a brain dump, as we began calling it. They shared with a partner everything they knew about one of their focus areas (homes, art, tools, games, etc), then proceeded to write/type everything they remembered and "let it flow." Many of them were quite surprised with the amount of information they knew and how that translated to their writing.

The project culminated with today's Jigsaw. Student groups were comprised of one expert from each Native American group: Woodlands, Plains, Southwest, and Northwest. Each expert taught the other group members. As a follow up to the jigsaw, students discussed the similarities and differences between the Native American cultures.

Next Week's Specials Calendar:

Monday, Sept. 22 - Day 2: PE

Tuesday, Sept. 23 - Day 3: Art

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - Day 4: Library

Thursday, Sept. 25 - Day 1: Music

Friday, Sept. 26 - Day 2: PE

Upcoming Events:


9/23- Baskin & Robbins 4-8pm

9/26 - School Pictures


10/7- McDonalds Night (Teachers work) 4-8

10/8- CiCi’s Pizza Night, 4:30-8:00 pm

10/8 - Walk to School Day

10/9- Early Release, 12:50 pm, Prof. Dev.

10/9- All Pro Dads 7:00 am (library)

10/10- NO SCHOOL Elementary In Service

10/14 -PTA Exec. Board Meeting 7:00 pm

10/17- Fall Family Square Dance - Scholastic Book fair

10/21-Parent/Teacher Conferences, 3:20-7:40

10/23- Early Release, 12:50 & Parent/Teach Conferences, 1:20-7:40

10/24- No School

10/31- Fall Parties, 2:20-2:50 pm

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