Second Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Barita, Ms. Cromis, Mrs. Carrasco

Monday is "Day 3" for Encore

Lifework-September 21-25

  • Monday: Read and log 10 minutes, Math paper
  • Tuesday: Read and log 10 minutes, Spelling Words- Rainbow Style-3 colors
  • Wednesday: Read and log 10 minutes, Spelling Words- ABC order
  • Thursday: Read and log 10 minutes, Spelling Words-Write each word 3 times-test tomorrow
  • Weekend: Read 10 minutes each night

Spelling Word List 3-test 9/25/15

  1. peel

  2. she

  3. weak

  4. speed

  5. meat

  6. step

  7. well

  8. mean

  9. bed

  10. weed

  11. west

  12. keep

  13. men

  14. peek

  15. head

Upcoming Events

9/21-Fall Fund Raiser Ends! Please return Attraction books or payment!

9/21-Advisory Council-6:00p.m. All parents are welcome to attend advisory council meetings.

9/29-Back to School Night-7:00p.m.

PTO Fund Raiser

The Attractions books were sent home last week. The cost is $20.00 and directions are on the bag. Any books not sold will need to be returned to school. Please help support our students by participating in the fall fund raiser. Thank you in advance!


We do not have water fountains in our classrooms. Students are encouraged to bring a reusable bottle from home to keep on their desk. Please send water bottles without ice. Condensation from icy bottles ruin books and papers. Thank you!

Congratulations Ms. Cromis!

Ms. Cromis is getting married and will become "Mrs. Kulesza" on Saturday! We wish her all the best for a happy wedding day!

Encore Rotation

Barita: Library, Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE

Carrasco: Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library

Cromis: PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library, Music

Lunch Schedule

Mrs. Cromis 11:00-11:30

Mrs. Carrasco 11:03-11:33

Mrs. Barita 11:06-11:36