Miguel Soto

A Person of the People

Who is miguel soto?

Miguel is compassionate. He is someone who uses his skills and abilities and knowledge for the benefit of others. He grew up with strict morals and he impliments those morals into his goals. He has a vision of his future and the future for his loved one which he takes steps towards that future. He is a hard worker, he cares for many people and wants thte best thing for everyone.


I am currently in chess club learning new tricks and tactics to chess. I have always enjoyed chess due to its purpose to make you think several steps ahead and outsmart the opponent.

Before chess club I was in several acting and film making cubs and groups. I even attended the Houston Main Street Theater and participated in a few plays. Movies have always been a fascination of mine and the idea of creating something new and fresh for people to experience is extraordinary to me. Creating a film or play is hard work and requires much communication with co workers. Really its a huge team effort.


I have recently taken up the drums due to my huge love for music. The only other instrument I know is the piano but i never loved it as much as the drums. The drums are a core essence of a band in any songs a band plays, the foundation. You have to have a good ear for musical detail and good tempo to play a song to its fullest potential.


I took skating us a few years ago and have had a burning passion for it ever since. The number one thing skating teaches you is that practice makes perfect. Not only is a physical exercise but mentally as well. It keeps my mind working to control the board and never give up if I fail.

My Resume

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