Designing CCSS Local Assessments

To Measure of Student Growth

Do you need a head start on designing your PERA assessments?

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to 1.) Understand the relationship of Type II and Type III assessments to Common Core and classroom practice; 2.) Use current assessment theory in the evaluation and development of assessments designed to meet enacted PERA law; 3.) Understand the importance of a standards-based model in designing rigorous assessments; 4.) Compare the design of next generation items aligned to the Common core Standards and/or current PARCC, ACT and SAT items; 5.) Draft a district protocol for developing local standards-based Type II and Type III assessments.

(This can also be used for an Administrator Academy #1585)

Monday, June 15th, 8:30am-3:30pm

South Cook ISC-253 W. Joe Orr Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411