Abuse At Ford Suppliers

Ford Investigates Abuse Claims At Chinese Supplier

Complaint in the China Supplier

Ford Motor Co. plans to investigate complaints that the employees of a supplier in China are working under very hazardous conditions. "Ford has a strong commitment to human rights and workplace safety, and they expect their suppliers to comply with local laws and our Code of Basic Working Conditions,” Ford said in a statement. They require all of our suppliers to ensure that our products – no matter where they are made – are manufactured under conditions that demonstrate respect for the people who make them.

Worker Gets Fingers Cut Off

One 21-year, had three fingers torn from his left hand when it was crushed in a stamping machine. He was making “RT Tubes” for export to Ford, and supervisors had instructed the worker to turn off the infrared safety monitoring system so he could work faster. “We had to turn it off. My boss did not let me turn it on,” said Worker A. He had to stamp out 3,600 “RT Tubes” a day, one every 12 seconds. The Institute for Global Labour’s report said it is aware of at least four serious injuries. Seriously injured workers are fired. New workers receive no training or safety instruction before being assigned to operate dangerous machinery. The injured “Worker A” received a total payment of just $7,430 for the loss of three fingers, leaving his hand basically inoperative. Workers Compensation for a similar accident in the U.S. would result in a $144,292 payment.

Ford Motor Company

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