The Network

April 2022 Issue

The latest news and updates from the AFC Student Development Commission

Important Dates

  • Region V Conference – April 29
  • AFC Region I Conference - May 6
  • AFC Region II Conference – May 12
  • SDC Spring Virtual Conference - May 19
  • AFC Annual Meeting and Conference – November 14-18

AFC Student Development Commission: 2022 Annual Conference Registration Form - May 19 (9 AM-4 PM)

Hello AFC Members!

Our 2022 virtual conference is FREE thanks to two sponsors - Ocelot and Blackboard. Please complete this registration form by May 6th to receive the official conference link and agenda. All Student Affairs employees are encouraged to attend and reconnect with our 28 Colleges.

For more information, please email

Student Development Conference: Reconnecting with our Colleges - May 19th

Top Five Reasons to RECONNECT at the Spring Virtual Conference

1. Networking

2. Be Inspired

3. Professional and Personal Development

4. Gain Targeted Knowledge

5. Have Fun!


SAVE THE DATE: Region 1 Spring Conference - May 9

2022 Spring Conference: The Art of Growing Your Legacy

Where: Pensacola State College & Virtual

When: Friday, May 6th, 2022

Partnerships: The Technology Commission & The Career and Professional Employees Commission.

For more information, contact:

Alonda Jones | Region I Director | 850-484-1549

Reconnecting on Campus - Florida State College at Jacksonville

Bryan Stewart, Administration Support Manager

The Florida State College at Jacksonville Student Services Department reconnected at the annual Student Services Professional Development Day after a nearly 20 month period of working from home and – however infrequently – working in the office. The annual event’s theme was “Welcome Back, Welcome to the Department & Welcome to the New Normal.” The Vice President accompanied each agenda section with a different welcome song. We had over 200 in attendance, and it was nothing short of a spectacular day filled with getting reacquainted, introductions to new colleagues, and learning to readjust and reprioritize.

Establishing A Shared Governance Model to Reconnect: Indian River State College

Karen Wallace, Testing Assistant II with Student Assessment Services, Indian River State College

Indian River State College College President reconnected the College by developing a series of professional development sessions. The sessions focused on understanding the College’s financial literacy, the role of shared governance, and what is working or not working as a college. As a result, the College President establishes the first-ever Staff Senate, giving all staff part-time and full-time a seat at the table. These are exciting times as we seek ways to engage and develop!

Post-Pandemic: Reconnecting With Our Students

Dr. Sheila Fabius, Associate Dean of Student Services, AFC Chair-Elect

The Student Development Conference will provide an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues near and far. The conference will give attendees the opportunity to reflect on the past and press forward towards the future. As higher Ed is adapting to the new normal, so are our students. As students return to campus, keep in mind the following:

Stay Resourceful - Students will seek out professionals for assistance. Make it your business to know the various resources available to students.

Meaningful Connections - Encourage students to join clubs and participate in various events on campus.

Compassionate Communication - Provide a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings. Actively listen and speak in ways that lead to understanding.