Hero Project

Xariah C.

My Personal Hero

My hero is my cousin, Arielle. She is studying journalism at Northwestern and is an editor of the school paper. We have many common interest in reading and writing. It is always fun to hang out with her because we can talk just like friends. I am lucky to be able to see my hero often. Since she is right near my family at Northwestern, we often have her over for holidays special occasions.

Hero Interview Below

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Hero Definiton Essay

My Definition of a Hero

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. When most people think of the word hero, characters like Superman come to mind. A comic hero always saves the day, whether it's catching a girl from falling out of a building or simply saving a cat from a tree. However, being brave or strong doesn't make someone heroic. What makes someone heroic is their ability to positively influence one’s life and put someone else’s needs before their own. A real hero might not be able to fly or save people from large fires, but they can save the day in other ways. A true hero can inspire you and motivate you to be your best.

A hero is someone who positively influences you. Imagine yourself coming home from a long day at school. You are completely swamped with homework in every subject. Consider the effect this will have on your mood. You will be stressed and angry, the worst combination. What would it take to relieve the stress? A call from your hero. Just hearing the sound of their voice could improve you mood. Being the inspiring and positive person they are, your hero might be optimistic and try to offer some support or advice. Now that you have a smile on your face and no negative thoughts, you will be able to finish your homework with ease.

A hero is someone who strives to make a difference. Everyone says that they want to make a difference in the world but a hero really sets out to do it. An example of this is someone who volunteers their time to work in soup kitchens in the winter or donates hygiene products for those in need. Being able to put someone else before yourself is a very important quality for a hero. Whether it's just a small kind gesture like holding the door open for someone or a raising awareness for an important issue, a hero is always affecting change.

Everyone has a hero and everyone is different, so there is not a single definition of a hero. A hero could be someone who inspires and motivates you, but that doesn't apply to everyone. That is what makes a personal hero. All in all, a hero can inspire you and motivate you to be your best.

My Passion Project : How to be an Editor

Because my hero is an editor for her school paper, I decided to focus my passion project on how to be an editor. I think that editing another writers work is good practice if you are writer yourself.

Her : A Poem about My Hero

She is passionate

She is strong

She is outspoken

Like a song