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May 2017

Announcements to make note of....

SBDM Elections:

We had 5 parent candidates run as the SBDM parent rep this year, which is amazing. All parents brought perspective and experience that would have added to our council. Thank you to those 5 parents. Elections did take place last week, and Jennifer Gray and Todd Haren will be our parent representatives on SBDM for the next 2 year term.

Tiger Playground- Saturday, May 13th we will be putting in our very last piece of equipment, setting timbers around the mulched area, and spreading mulch in all areas. We really could use a hand. The more people we have the quicker it will get done. Lunch will be provided! Please come out at about 8:30 to help!

News to share....

Devices: Because our school has been able to go 1 to 1 with our 3rd - 5th graders (next year we will include our 2nd graders!)- The need for students to bring their own devices for instruction has become obsolete. Our policy for BYOT has been revised again to keep up with needs and demands that we are seeing. We do understand that some students have devices with them because they use them on the buses or it is used to let parents know when they get home from school. We are parents too, so we do understand the needs of this. However, we are experiencing interruptions in instruction because devices are ringing, updating, or receiving notifications throughout the day from student's backpacks. We are explaining to students that they just need to power down their devices and store them in their backpacks while at school. As it has continued to happen after conversations, we have given student warnings and had them power down. The next step after this is actually confiscating the devices. We do not want to do this as we do understand the uses of the devices. PLEASE support us in reminding students to shut down their devices while at school. Thank you.

K-prep Testing; We begin our state testing window this week. The testing window begins Tuesday, May 9th and runs through Monday, May 15th. I have included our schedule of grades, tests, and times below for those that wanted specific information regarding how the days will look for our kids. We will be providing a small snack for the kids during this time.

Fidgets- It's ALL the rage! I'm not sure which craze has been more popular- fidgets or flipping water bottles! These really have become MUCH more of a distraction than what they are intended for. We will not be allowing students to have these out during the testing window.

Visitors- During our testing window we do not allow volunteers in the building because of the variation in schedules, lunches, etc. Unfortunately, with the testing regulations that we follow all of our schedules are completely altered. Volunteers can come in the afternoons after all classes are finished with their scheduled tests. Please contact your child's teacher for confirmation and their altered schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Field days- Primary Field day will be Tuesday, May 16th and Intermediate field day will be Wednesday, May 17th. If you are willing and available to help run an event please contact to volunteer. We would greatly appreciate any help (even if you can run an event for just a few hours) that you can provide!

Last days: There has been a lot of conversation and some confusion about the official last day of school. I will attempt to explain in the least convoluted way. Currently, the students' last day of school is Thursday, May 25th. However, our district petitioned for emergency days (severe weather in March) to be forgiven by the state. The state board of education does not meet monthly, therefore we have had to wait to hear from them. Our district leaders should be told the status of those days this week. If the state board grants forgiveness of those days, it will then be taken to our board of education (hopefully this Thursday) to revise the last day of school- making the student's last day: Wednesday, May 24th. I am sure that when this happens our district will put out communication to all of our families. I will also send a message to our families about this.

5th grade promotion: We have scheduled our 5th grade promotion evening for Monday, May 22nd @ 6:00. We invite all of our 5th grade families to join us in celebrating our children, and their accomplishments. Refreshments will be served following.

Volunteer Celebration- We have had to revise our volunteer celebration due to some calendar constraints. We are asking our volunteers to join us for breakfast on May 19th, 7:45 to 8:15 in our MPR. This will give our teachers an opportunity to thank you personally.

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Repeats to Remember....

Dress Policy- Please keep in mind that our building tends to be on the chilly side. With the weather forecasted in the 60s this week, it will be cold inside. Students may want to wear layers for a little while. Also, the revised policy states that students need to wear sandals WITH backs. We have had a lot of skinned toes and mulch accidents with students wearing flip-flops. It has become a safety risk for students on the playground and going up and down stairs. Please keep flip-flops at home.

Upcoming events @ New Haven

"Mad-Dash" May

9th- 15th- Kprep testing (tentative dates)
13th- Playground Day- (Please come out and help!) @ NH playground 8:30 am
14th- Happy Mother's Day!

16th- 18th: Kprep makeup days

16th- Primary field day (volunteers requested)

SBDM meeting in the library @ 4:30

17th- Intermediate field day (volunteers requested)

19th: Volunteer Breakfast- 7:45 to 8:15 in the Multi-purpose room

22nd- 5th grade promotion- 6:00 in the gym

24th- Report Cards

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