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Power Up!

As testing is upon us, we are working diligently to prepare our school and our Stallions to demonstrate their learning. In the midst of the mad dash to the finish line don't forget to recharge those batteries. Take time to do the things that allow you to refocus on your purpose and the individual mission you have set out to accomplish. Revisit personal and professional goals, celebrate milestones and create plans that ignite a fiery spark to blaze the trail to completion of your goals. Also, during this time reflect on how you want students to feel as we journey into Fall testing season; which is a time that provokes anxiety for some of our students. What will it take to recharge their batteries and remind them of their capacity and potential for success? The energy that you exude will in turn recharge students and empower them with the tenacity to perform at levels, once unattainable, but now made possible by you!

Fun Ideas to Motivate Students during Testing

Excellence in Pictures

Ohana Means Family

Educator Spotlight: Mr. Jamison

What brought you into education?

Mr. Jamison was a part of a Men Lacrosse club when he was asked to coach a group of boys in Lacrosse. After working with the kids Mr. Jamison knew he wanted to pursue a career working with children long term. He drew inspiration from his mother in law who as an educator and his mother who was an educator at the secondary and collegiate level.

What is a memorable moment in education?

Mr. Jamison was proud to share about an experience not too long ago when over 90% of the students he worked with passed the STAAR. It was a moment of celebration not only for him, but for the students he had worked so hard to prepare.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Mr. Jamison beamed when he proclaimed that his greatest accomplishment is successfully raising three boys. He wears several hats as dad, coach, mentor etc... and he is elated at the opportunities he has had to watch his boys learn and grow.

We asked students: "What do you enjoy most about working with Mr. Jamison?"

Mr. Jamison is my friend because is nice. He gives rewards for working hard. -2nd grader

Mr. Jamison makes sure we understand. If I don't know a word he gives me more examples of the word so I can really know what it means. - 6th grader

He makes everything into a competition, so its fun. We work hard with him because he really helps us to be successful.- 6th grader

Alex Sanger Elementary/ Preparatory

Alex Sanger Elementary School is a place of learning for students, staff, parents, and community members. Located in the beautiful Forest Hills neighborhood of East Dallas, it provides a safe environment where academic excellence is the focus.