My Experiment

Using the Scientific Method

Step 1 - Identify the Problem & Ask a Question

Does water with electrolytes help plants grow faster?

Step 2 - Form a Hypothesis

I think water containing electrolytes will allow plants to grow twice as fast.

Step 3 - Design an Experiment

To test my hypothesis, I am going to create a controlled experiment. The water will be the control, while everything else will be the same. I will have 10 trays with the same seeds, light, heat, and environment. I will water 5 of the seeds with regular water for a month and the other 5 with electrolyte water.

Step 4 - Test your Hypothesis

I conduct my experiment for 30 days.

Step 5 - Draw Conclusions

From the experiment I conclude that water containing electrolytes does not affect the growth of plants. All 10 seeds grew at about the same rate.
Type of Water | Light | Heat | Environment | Total growth after 30 days
Plants with Electrolyte Water | Same | Same | Same | 31 cm
Plants with Regular Water | Same | Same | Same | 32 cm