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Evangelicalism - The term literally meaning of or pertaining to the gospel.

Evangelicalism was a form of Christianity that focused on the relationship between an individual and God. It came out of the protestant movements in the 17th and 18th centuries and most the people who were Evangelicals were from America and Europe. They used the Bible as their standard for the practicing of their faith and they believed


Mysticism - A belief characterized by self-delusion or dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies.

Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening was a religious revival movement during the early 19th century in the United States. The movement began around 1790, gained momentum by 1800 and, after 1820, membership rose rapidly among Baptist and Methodist congregations whose preachers led the movement.

Influence on Book

Religion could play a part in the book because Mr. and Mrs. Bennet could raise their daughters differently depending on what their faith says. Also, if people were more religious back then it could influence the way that people viewed certain parts of society and how people acted.