Paws to Read

Kaitlyn D

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Why did you choose this quote?

I choose this quote because it has a good message and is pretty interesting.

10 Things About Me

  1. I like mystery.
  2. I usually read at night.
  3. I always use bookmarks.
  4. It has to be quiet when I read.
  5. It takes me along time to finish a book.
  6. I always base the book on the cover and title.
  7. I love to read on the beach!
  8. I usually like the movie better than the book.
  9. I usually forget about what I am reading.
  10. I don't read that much because it bores me out to easily.

Ella Enchanted

The last book i read was Ella Enchanted because I had to read it for my reading group.I thought the book was OK because in the middle of the book it gets boring and not very interesting, but towards the end it gets better. I would recommend this book to young girls not boys and to people who like fairy tales.

Interests and Favoites

Some of my favorite books are 11 Birthdays, 12 Finally, 13 Gifts and the Infinity Ring series.In 11 Birthdays a young girl named Amanda is really excited for her 11 birthday and this is the first time she is not sharing it with her friend Leo. But every thing goes wrong and the day after her birthday its her birthday again and it keeps repeating. In Infinity Ring it is about 3 kids who travel through time and fix the breaks in history.
Fifth Harmony - Boss / Bo$$ - Clean Version

Why I Choose This Video?

I choose this song because when I read I feel like a boss.
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Recommendation I choose this cite because it is easy to use and you can find recommendations easily.