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News from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 25 Leadership @2:45

Sept. 26 School Governance Council @7:45

Sept. 26 Staff Meeting @2:45 Assessment and Redbird Training for all

Sept. 27 CORE Team (come prepared with data/info already entered)

Sept. 27 Sped. Mtg. @2:45

Sept. 28 Heather out 8-10AM for training

Sept. 28 Bruster's Spirit Night

Oct. 2-Write Score Assessments begin for 3-5

Oct. 3 Make up picture day

Oct. 5 No school for students-RFF Day

Oct. 6 No school for students-Teacher Workday

Oct. 9 No school-Columbus Day

Photos from our Job Embedded Coaching RUOS!

How do I Ask Better Questions in Math?

This article has some great take away ideas to help raise the rigor in your math class.

My favorites are the "Math Talk" anchor chart and the part about students asking students questions.

Reading, Writing or Math (Really any subject) Conference Data Form

Looking for a way to organize and really be able to use your notes to drive your instruction? Google Forms is the answer for you! This post helps you create an online form to use on your device to collect conference data.
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PAWS PD is coming soon mid October. Do you have an idea for a PAWS PD session? Email

Parent Teacher Conference Resources

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Self Care Strategy: Do 5 Things

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What are Your Big Rocks?

“Let’s remember one thing this year. There’s only so much space in the jar. So we always want to begin by putting the big stones in first. Then all the other things– the smaller stones, the sand, and all the rest of life- will fit around those large ones. But the big ones must go in first."

Big Rocks of Writing - Do you Agree?

Below is an article about the big rocks of writing workshop. What do you think? Do agree with their "big rocks"? What are your big rocks?
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