Growing up in the digital age

Fereshteh saeedi

Benefits of technology

Technology helps your child's hand-eye coordination, improves his language skills and develops problem solving skills.

Technology is helpful for school work and research.

Video games is helpful to your child because it makes your child to move around, enjoy their time while your child is doing these games he/she is also doing a physical activity which is good for their body and wellbeing. Video games can also improve your childs motor skills and coordination.

Iphone's, iPad's and laptops are helpful for texting because it's easy and fun ways to socialise and communicate with other people.

Risks of too much technology

The risks of too much technology is that your child will become overweight, have aggressive behaviour, making unhealthy choices of food since they've seen commercials.

Technology such as laptops iphones etc can affect your childs development by them not communicating or engaging with other children face to face because now days everyone is texting and emailing.

Your child can also become overweight from them not getting enough physical exercises since your child is always on their smart phones or laptop.
Children under 2 shouldn't use a technology, children 3-5 should use it only for one hour per day and 6-18 years should use it 2 hours per day.

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Range of screentimes

  • Tv
  • Ipad
  • Laptop/ computer
  • Smart phones
  • video games
Strategies to ensure children are not using too much screen time is that take them out with their friends to the park so they can play and engage with each other, let him play with his siblings or yourself, read them a book or tell them to read it for you.
Parents Limit Children's Screen Time