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Changing Skin, Changing Lives - February 2016

"But, I don't Even Wash My Face!"

When talking to others about the success people are having with Rodan and Fields, I am sometimes met with the response, "But, I don't even wash my face!" I totally get it. We are busy. We are tired. By the time I put my boys to bed, all I want to do is crash on the couch and relax...forget about spending the time to wash my face! And in the morning, I'm lucky to have time to shower! Even if this is your life, Rodan and Fields can still help you get healthier and better looking skin.

Although using a full regimen is going to get you the best results in the least amount of time, a quick alternative that will keep your skin still looking and feeling great is simply using the Eye Cloths as an all over the face cleanser, followed by either the Multi-function eye cream, or the Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream. And, BAM! Just like that, you've taken 1 minute to take care of your skin. Because let's face it, you're going to have that for awhile!

Be Valentine's Day Ready!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and Rodan and Fields can help you out in many ways!

  1. Get your lips kissable with the Redefine lip serum. Mmmmwwwaa!
  2. Get your man a silky, smooth, kissable face with Beyond the Shave.
  3. Treat yourself to a new beauty tool.
  4. Get your girl the perfect gift with a mini regimen.
  5. You are your greatest valentine, treat yourself with a regimen or new product!

If your order is a gift, let me know and I can wrap it up perfectly for Valentine's Day!

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Pj's and Pampering - Rodan and Fields Virtual Event

Monday, Feb. 8th, 7:30-8:15pm

Your cozy home!

Slip on your best pajamas, grab a beverage and your smartphone, computer, or iPad, and learn all about Rodan and Fields amazing products! It's a quick, fun, can attend from anywhere event! Message me on Facebook and I'll add you to the group!

HUGE incentive!!!

Rodan and Fields just announced today that they will now reimburse you for TWICE the amount you invest in your business kit! Basically, you'll get all the products you need for FREE...and then some! If you've been thinking at all about joining, now is the time! Who couldn't use some great free products, new friends, and extra money each month?!

What's Best For You?

Use the Solution Tool (quick 1 minute questionnaire) to find out what Rodan and Fields are best for your needs. Follow the link and click on the Solution Tool in the bottom right corner.