Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It is so great seeing your kiddos after break! They all are such amazing learners and jumped right back into reading, writing and math!

Please remember, I love getting feedback from you. Please email, call or class message me with any questions regarding your kiddo and their learning.


Phonics Skill - We are working on compound words and words with welded sounds (sounds that come together and can change the sound of other letters when together) The welded sounds are ank, ink, onk, unk, ang, ing, ong, ung. At home or in the car you can have fun by asking your child to think of as many words that rhyme with bank, or pink or, honk, etc. Have fun and make up sentences using these words, like... The pink skunk sang a song.

Comprehension skill - This week we are working on comparing and contrasting characters in a book or from different books. How are they alike or different. and inferring. Inferring is making a smart guess of what the author is saying. For example the author might write this.... The animal few from the sky and quacked as it landed in the pond. The author never directly tells us it is a duck, but we can make a smart guess by knowing the animal flies, quacks and lands in a pond.


bring, trunk, pink, bank, sang, wing, rang, rink, blank, sunk

High Frequency - Words to Know how to read quickly and easily

any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were


This week we are really working on fact families or related facts to help solve a math problem. For example.. 5+6=11 so 6+5=11 so we know 11-6=5 and 11-5=6.

When you have time at home and in the car, give your child a math fact and see if they can give you all the related math facts.