Computer networks

A bus, ring and star network.

Bus network:

A bus network is a network where any data that is sent is sent to every computer. The advantages of having this kind of network is it is time saving. Instead of having to send the same information all over again you can send it once. For example if you needed to send a set of data to five computers instead of sending it five times you can send it once. Also it is helpful because if one computer isn't working then it misses it out and continues. However there are disadvantages like if you only want to send something to only two out of five people, if all the computers are working then the date will be sent to all of them. Also the more computers you add to the network the slower it gets.

Ring network:

Like a bus network a ring network is able to send date to any computer that is connected only is better. One of the advantages is that you only have to send date once. Also it is faster than a bus network because it doesn't need to stop at each computer. On the other hand it is harder to control where the date goes and if one of the computers doesn't work the whole network stops.

Star network:

A star network is one of the best kind of networks. If one of the computers doesn't work it still carries on and is very fast at carrying date to the computers. However the more computers there are the longer and slower it takes to deliver all the dater to each computer. Also something privet that you send to one person can be sent to another person.