Advertising Analysis Project

Yash Patel

First Commercial: Papa John's Pocket Change Commercial

1. The Advertisement is just previewing yet another deal by Papa John's when you buy a large pizza at regular menu price, you get another large pizza for just 50 cents. It is another commercial by Peyton Manning but this time, it includes Texans Defensive End JJ Watt and Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

2. The Intended audience is people who would like to order pizza with discounts. Almost any one over the age of 18 who knows how to order pizza can be the target of this commercial.

3. I think that this commercial is Ethos because we can give credibility to these players. If a 4 time super bowl winning quarterback Joe Montana, a terrific quarterback in Peyton Manning and a Defensive End like JJ Watt eat Papa John's most people would also go. We are given the credibility of these players that this deal is worth it.

4. This commercial exploits Papa John's great deals and savings. Getting 2 large pizzas at about $19 is a great deal from a great Pizza Company in Papa John's. The needs of a pizza and for dessert a delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie are exploited. Those are some of the things that can be taken away from this deal.

5. This ad is really effective because first of the amazing deal. Getting another pizza for just 50 cents is just incredible. Giving that deal, now you can trust those players and believe that this is a great deal for feeding you family or friends. It is effective for those who get appealed by those players and a great deal for a pizza.

Papa John's Commercial 2016 J.J. Watt, Peyton Manning Pocket Change

Second Commercial: Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial "With Dad"

1. This Commercial is about how this baby was born and ever since the baby the born, his Dad was a racer and he always drove a Nissan. As the kid grows older, he watches his dad on TV and he is always failing. As he becomes a teenager, he starts seeing his dad winning and eventually in the end, his dad picks up the son in his Nissan. The Product that is being shown is Nissan.

2. The intended audience could really just be parents or guardians who want a reliable car for their kids. Its basically trying to show a brand that you can trust. It is aimed toward anyone who wants a reliable car for their kids when they grow up.

3. I think that the commercial is Pathos. There is the emotional appeal about having the Nissan when he was born to the point where he is a teenager and his dad picks him up.

4. The needs that this commercial exploits is that of having a car you can always depend on and trust it. The need of a trust worthy car is the need that is exploited.

5. This ad is effective in 2 ways. The first way is the sentimental value of the commercial. People especially adults can trust the car to be safe from them. In the commercial, they had a Nissan Car from the beginning when the child was born to the point the child became a teenager. The second way the add is effective is the way that the people in the commercial can trust the car. The Nissan drag race car won the race for them. It was a trust worthy car for them since the last point.

Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial | “With Dad”

Third Commercial: Verizon, "Iphone 6s-The Only thing that changed is..."

1. This commercial is basically advertising the new Apple IPhone 6s and the new features and qualities it provides for users. They show various new features on the new phone.

2. The Intended audience is basically anyone who wants a new phone. This is a new phone and it can be intended for anyone who can get a phone. There are no restriction on any age limit.

3. I think that the Ad is Logos because it includes the logic behind the new features. It talks about the new touch settings and the 4K video quality. It also gives other features about the phone.

4. The needs this phone can exploit are the needs of a new phone with better features. It shows the different features like with the new lighting. People who are fast business men can now pay with Apple Pay.

5. This Ad is very effective in previewing and showing the new phone and its features. First, it shows how different people can use it and what they can do differently. The second reason this could be effective is by getting people interested in buying the product. People can see the commercial and think how good the new features are and buy it.

iPhone 6s - The Only Thing That’s Changed Is…