The Final

Shipping Container Concept - Hunter Piedlau - per.7

Why I Chose This Design

I chose this design because it fit my standards of a open area house that has a big yard and a big dinning room, the house made of shipping containers is realistic because the shipping containers do not need to be cut in half or shaped, simply put the containers in place and build it from the foundation up.

Exterior Views

Interior Views

Final Reflection

I would like to put my house in Texas because it would be a great location for heat absorbent and would fit this style of housing, it would most likely be on a lake, just for luxurious purposes. The house would fit perfectly in Texas with the house design and the way the house can be used.

I love my courtyard and how it is surrounded by the house, i like my two way entree and the hallways that lead the house into a flowing and easy design.

The house i love the house because it fits the requirements of a shipping container and does not require my house to be cut or shaped, you lay a couple of containers down and build onto it. i Also feel that my house is realistic and can be made by anyone worth the right mind.


-my home is unique because it was created fully by me and has many features that suit me. I worked on building it to be a open greenhouse themed house, to where it had a lot of sunlight. I made my house unique because it has a “U” shaped base and is very efficient with rooms and the flow of the whole house.

-This drawing was hard to deal with because it was a continuously flowing rooms that were hard to separate. The court yard was in the middle and substituted for the front yard, it was hard creating a house around its yard. The dining room to the yard was hard to deal with sense they connected and I had to create some sort of barrier for security so I added a nana wall and a fence, turned out fantastic.

-I saw some of the 2nd floor creations and I really liked how they turned out, looked great. The front yards that my classmates created for their own project was pretty insanely cool, they spent a lot of time making the front yard contrast to the house. The 2nd floors that they made were put to use and made their houses really come together.

-I loved the idea of creating a house out of such a minimal material and minimal effort. I love the creativity of this project; it really was fun and let me make it in my own way. I felt this project was completed on my end of the project because there was nothing else I wanted to add, I think it was the right amount of time to make a project like this.