Good afternoon Aviators

It has been a pleasure working with you all for the last 4 months, with some of you it has been 3 months here. I never had thought in my dreams that i will get such a brilliant team to work with. Together we achieved close to what was planned for. Together we took that extra leap and did brilliant work with all the projects we have.

I feel that my time has now come! I feel that i should step down now! I feel my time has come and it is now your time.

Today, on the last day of April, I resign from being LAZY, being LATE, being non responsive on mails, being less active on messages, being egoistic, being less productive and I FINALLY RESIGN FROM BEING A COWARD!

Today is the last day that you see me as the person who once feared failure! Today is the last day that you hear from me that, " I WANT AIESEC in CHENNAI TO BE NUMBER 1 IN AIESEC INDIA FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS"

Today is the last day that i tell you i want JNC 2015 to be the BEST SONA for AIESEC in CHENNAI's BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

If today is not when i resign! then when? Are you ready to resign? are you ready to quit? because i am. I AM READY TO QUIT FROM ALL THE EXCUSES, ALL THE NON SENSE. I AM READY TO QUIT FROM BEING THE MEDIOCRE PERSON I AM.

If a Delhi University or a Bangalore or a Pune or a Mumbai or a Ahemdabad can raise 15L in 6 months. I want my team to prove that 19.5L is achievable in 6 months.

CAN WE ACHIEVE 19.5 Lacs by 15th of June? Can we prove the true meaning of growth? I hereby attach my YEAR PLAN FOR 2015 which i made 6 months back. Please read the last page(closing note)


We are mediocre as a team right now. We have the potential but we are lazy. watch the following video it always motivates me to be a better person everyday.

Unbroken - Motivational Video