SW Update

July 5 2016


In an effort to enhance communication, please sign up for this SW text messaging service. It is a free service, but standard text massaging rates apply depending on your cellular service. It is a way for me to send you quick reminders that you will get on your cell phone. Yes, I know that teachers won't have their phones during the work day, but this can be one more that we can assure you get the information you need! Deputy Wardens & Wardens, feel free to sign up, too!

I will attach a PDF with directions to the email, but all you have to do is send a text to the number: 81010 with the message of: @2g6gb

Then you will be enrolled in my "class" and will receive quick messages and reminders that apply to every facility.

Christmas in July?!?

I need your help! Apparently, Santa's elves have been very busy delivering all kinds of wonderful instructional materials... only to be housed in warehouses across the state.

In May, each of you received an email with the items ordered for your facility. Some things were different from facility to facility, based on specific requests and needs. However, each state facility and PDC should already have in their possession the projectors and Elmo document cameras. The state facilities should also have the subscription to the Change Agent, which will be delivered regularly throughout the year.


Every facility should be getting closer to being fully operational with utilizing the Chromebooks with the whitelist internet. Please remember:

1- Each Chromebook should be connected to a "live" internet feed for a few minutes each month to get the latest updates and newest access to websites added to the list.

2- Be sure to have a very good system for asset tracking of each piece of technology - the Chromebooks will require several cords! Call Dooly SP for ideas! See pictures below.

3- Once your drops are installed and activated, test the Chromebooks with a few of the whitelist sites, as well as, attempt to go to a non-whitelist site! Let me know when yours are working!

Lantern Training - for identified teachers from each facility with GOAL Devices

Wednesday, July 13th, 9:30am

667 Perry House Road

Fitzgerald, GA

Attention- Teachers at facilities with GOAL Devices were selected by DWCT to attend. This training is at the Ben-Hill Irwin Campus of Wiregrass Technical College in the continuing education room.

Ben-Hill Irwin Campus

667 Perry House Road, Fitzgerald, GA 31750

FY16 GED Totals as of 6/30/16 *SW facilities are in bold

Facility Total Pass

Wheeler 96

Coffee 92

Burress 56

Coastal SP 53

Arrendale 51

Bainbridge 40

Wilcox SP 34

Washington 33


Dodge SP 31

Pulaski SP 31

Whitworh 31

Dooly SP 29

Rogers 28

Jenkins 27

Smith SP 27

Macon SP 27

Johnson 26

Ware SP 24

Riverbend 24

Calhoun SP 23

Coldwell 23

Emanuel WF 21

Telfair SP 21

Walker 20

GSP 19

Hancock 18

Lee SP 18

Autry SP 17


Turner RSAT 15

Montgomery 14

Valdosta SP 14

Long 12

Harp 12

Treutlen 10

Phillips 9

Womens's PDC 8

Bleckley PDC/RSAT 8

Central SP 8

Patten PDC 8

Baldwin 8

Appling 7

Emanuel PDC 7

Paulding 6

Rutledge 6

Bacon 5

Hall 5

Floyd 3

Gwinett 3

Helms 3

Jackson 3

McEver PDC 2

You can do it montage.

FY17 GED Goals

This past fiscal year, many SW facilities met and exceeded their GED goals! Many doubled, tripled, and more the number of GEDs from FY15. Great work! As you are aware, we have been charged with doubling our GED performance for next year! With all that you have learned about the new expectations and all of the resources such as GOAL devices, Chromebooks, internet, projectors, My Foundations Lab, etc. this is very achievable!

I started to email each facility your goal individually, but since so many of you are as competitive as me... I thought I would let you know everyone's GED goal, and you can strive to be the absolute best you can be!

Albany TC 10

Autry SP 40

Bainbridge PSATC 80

Bleckley RSAT 20

Calhoun SP 50

Central SP 20

Coffee CF 180

Collquitt County 10

Decatur County 10

Dodge SP 60

Dooly SP 60

Lee SP 80

Macon SP 50

Macon TC 10

McEver PDC 15

Mitchell County 10

Patten PDC 15

Pulaski SP 60

Sumter CP 20

Telfair SP 40

Terrell County 10

Turner RSAT 30

Valdosta SP 30

Valdosta TC 10

Ware SP 50

Wilcox SP 70

SW Region Support

Heather Vickers



Tonya Emmons