Becoming a Teacher

Is it for YOU?

To Become a Teacher, what do you need?

*Love of children

*College Degree in Education

*Love of Learning

*Desire to make a difference

World Without Teachers

You need at least a Bachelors Degree to become a Teacher

Approximately 4 years

BS in Birth - Kindergarten

Elementary Education

Middle Grades Education

9-12 High School Education

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We teach for the MONEY, right?

North Carolina Teachers Salary

2015-2016 Beginning Teacher 0-5 years - $35,000.00

5-10 years - $36,500.00

10-15 years - $40,000.00

25 years + - $50,000.00

Teachers Have the Ability to Change the Future!

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

So What About You? Are you Ready to Make the World a Better Place?