Richardson-Wilson, Maisie Year 11 L-NR Discovery Center 0915-0945

Rivers, Jason Year 11 P-CG Discovery Center 0945-1015

Roberts, Monica Year 11 P-JM Discovery Center 1045-1115

Cabdi,Abdirahman Year 11 P-RB Discovery Center 1115-1145

Hussein,Waqar Year 11 P-VP Discovery Center 1145-1215

Wehand,Mohamed Year 11 L-NP Discovery Center 1215-1245

Williams,Matthew Year 11 T-AG Discovery Center 1245-1315

Xu,Zhen Year 11 L-RB Discovery Center 1345-1415

Thapa,Bibek Year 11 T-ZR Discovery Center 1415-1445

Tippett,Amy Year 11 L-NP Discovery Center 1445-1515

Miah,Rehab Year 11 P-DW Discovery Center RESERVE

Mahmood,Usman Year 11 T-CH Discovery Center RESERVE

Mahmood,Assad Year 11 11HK Discovery Center RESERVE

Junokas, Eimantas Year 11 L-JF Discovery Center RESERVE


Sixth Interviews

Please check the table below to see when your interview is.

All interviews will take place in the Sixth centre. Bring along any certificates/awards you have to support your application.

Name Date/Time Staff

Assad Mahmood Thursday 15th May 8.50am Mr Hall

Darnell Morrison Thursday 15th May 9.00am Mr Hall

Rehab Miah Thursday 15th May 9.10am Mr Hall

Hussien Yusuf Thursday 15th May 9.20am Mr Hall

Rawda Ali Thursday 15th May 9.30am Mr Hall

Sohrab Mohammadi Thursday 15th May 9.40am Mr Hall

Tramaine Kelly Thursday 15th May 9.50am Mr Hall

Damani Sokoni Thursday 15th May 10.45am Mr Hall

Gatis Sturis Thursday 15th May 10.55am Mr Hall

Hodan Hamze Thursday 15th May 11.05am Mr Hall

Samira Nur Thursday 15th May 11.15am Mr Hall

David Dordi Thursday 15th May 11.25am Mr Hall

Matthew Williams Thursday 15th May 11.35am Mr Hall

Connolly Jarrett Thursday 15th May 11.55am Mr Hall

Caleb Bobie Ansah Thursday 15th May 12.05pm Mr Hall

Bibek Thapa Thursday 15th May 12.15pm Mr Hall

Hamda Gaheir Thursday 15th May 12.25pm Mr Hall

Connor Jones Thursday 15th May 12.35pm Mr Hall

Ansa Saleem Thursday 15th May 12.45pm Mr Hall


Can any year 8 or year 9 students who are still thinking of changing their options do so by Friday 9th May

For year 9 students, this only applies to new options beginning next year and not options which they have already started

Please speak to Kaya Austrie in HD113


Discovery Centre News

Congratulations to our newly appointed junior librarians, Freya, Mamour, Muhammad-Mumtaz Alam and Alexandru!

'Thank you' to all of the librarians who were on the panel to interview them.

Thanks to Activity Table monitors, Kenya, Nikola, Freya and Syeda and to our sixth form ambassadors, Rukhsar, Aisha and Moukhtar, for all their hard work.

Thanks too to Nickoss and Irfan, who have agreed to be our Yugio co-ordinators.

PoeTry workshop!

Sign up, if you want to come to the PoeTry workshop! It is on Thursday, at 10am. (The Discovery Centre will be closed at break, to anyone who has not signed up for the workshop.)

Discovery Centre Survey 'Monkey'!

All students have the opportunity to make suggestions and express their opinions on the Discovery Centre. You will have received an email and a link so that you can join in! If anyone wnats help with it, talk to Nicky or Magda!


N J W Elsom
Discovery Centre Assistant

P.S. Recommend to a friend: I have just read Terry Deary's 'Gruesome Guide of Stratford Upon Avon', after a visit to Stratford.
Did you know that Terry has also written Gruesome Guides to Oxford, London, York, Dublin and Edinburgh? :)


RE Exam on Monday 12th May

Good luck to all the Y10 and 11 RE students who are sitting a GCSE exam on Monday morning! Please remind them to REVISE the year 10 material only for this exam.

Revision classes are after school on Friday and from 8am on the morning of the exam.

Y10 and 11 RE students will miss P1 and LF on Monday 12th May. They will be doing their exam until 10:45 and then have a 15min break in the venue. Teachers, please expect them to arrive on time at 11:00 in P3.

Have a question or need help with revision? See your class teacher or Miss McManamon

Ms McManamon

Deputy Curriculum Leader for Humanities


No rounders matches Tuesday – colstons have postponed the match till the 13th

Extra practice on Thursday

No sports clubs Tuesday due to teachers meeting

Junior boys cricket v cotham on Thursday 15th


Art, Photography & Textiles A'level & GCSE exam start next Tuesday, please see your teacher for details.

Jenny Betts

Curriculum Leader for Art & Technology