Mrs. Whitlock's Math Updates

September 19-23

Important Dates

Tuesday, September 20: Chapter 9 Test, Bring in 1A textbooks to trade for 1B books!

Friday, September 23: Homework Packet 4 due

Friday, September 30: Chapter 10 test

A Peek at Next Week...

We have had so much fun learning about length in our class! Students have loved going around the room and measuring all manners of things with all sorts of non-standard units. On Monday, we will review the material we have covered and then will have a test over Chapter 9 on Tuesday, September 20.

Beginning on Wednesday, we will dive into our chapter on weight. As you may have noticed, this material is in our 1B book! Therefore, on Tuesday, when we take our Chapter 9 test, I ask that you return your child's 1A textbook. As I mentioned at Curriculum Night, I will provide you with a 1B textbook to use as soon as I receive the 1A textbook.

In Chapter 10, we will be practicing the following skills:

  • comparing the weight of objects using the terms heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest, and as heavy as
  • measuring the weight of objects using non-standard units.

Our Chapter 10 test will be on Friday, September 30.

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