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The Grand Sail

Wednesday, Jan. 19th 1820 at 8:30am

Mississippi Territory, United States.

Set A Sail On The Amazing Clermont Steamboat. Thank Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston For Their Amazing Combined Efforts In Inventing This Great Way Of Transportation.
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History Of SteamBoats

  • Before cars, trains, trucks and airplanes were invented did you know that Steamboats were, and that was the best way to travel?
  • In 1769, a Scotsman named James Watt invented an engine that was run by steam.
  • Once People saw this invention they started experimenting.
  • The first man to build a steamboat in the United States was John Fitch,in 1787.
  • Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston Meet in France.
  • Robert Fulton, like Robert Livingston was interested in using steam engines to run boats.
  • On August 17 1807, Fulton’s steamboat, the Clermont, had its first voyage on the Hudson River traveling 40 miles from New York to Albany in a record time of eight hours.
  • Any boat that ran on steam was considered a Steamboat, however in the 19th and 20th century they were called Paddle-wheel Boats. Many others were made too including: Ferries who carry people, Tow-Boats who moved barges up and down the river, Snag-Boats who cleared the water of dangers, and many more.
  • Packet boats were very important because they were used to carry crops up and down the rivers. Many river towns were built near large southern plantations to make getting crops to packet boats easier, along with people to take the crops.

  • The Steamboat could go upstream on rivers and canals, which made transportation of goods much more efficient and economical.
  • Steamboats didn't need oarsman, they where independent on wind direction power.
  • They also cut travel time by months, they were great for entertainment, and increased trade.
  • They were not regulated and killed a lot of people due to boiler explosions from unsafe designs and unsafe operation.
  • It cost a lot to build and run 19th century steamboats.
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