Weekly Geekly

Summer Edition

Canvas Notes:

Where to find Canvas- the address for FISD Canvas is fisd.instructure.com or you can access it through the portal. There is a Canvas tile.

Blueprint courses in Canvas say (Blueprint) in the name. All the classes with course numbers on them are about to disappear! Blueprints stay forever while those courses from eSchool will disappear each year. If you do not yet have a blueprint, please complete the form here and request one. You will get an email from Canvas telling you that you have been invited to a course. Click the link in that email to accept the Blueprint course.

When using Google documents in Canvas (embedding and such)- you cannot use documents from team drives. Keep that in mind as you work through planning this summer!

Canvas Training Options


Last night the summer training group created two additional face-to-face Canvas trainings. If you are interested, sign up quickly! Go to workshop in Eduphoria and search for Canvas.

Online Canvas Course

If you want to do a self-paced course that will guide you through learning Canvas with videos, you can enroll yourself in the online course by clicking on this link. https://fisd.instructure.com/enroll/9B4TE6

Explore On Your Own

If you are interested in poking around and learning on your own, a great place to visit is the Canvas Online Community! There is a one-hour introduction to Canvas that covers the basics at https://community.canvaslms.com/community/answers/training/pages/training-offerings

I have indicated in the below screenshot the ones that I think are valuable (you do not need the support training)

Big picture

New LTHS Tech Web site

This is mostly beneficial for our new folks- but if anyone wants to take a gander, I have a new LTHS Tech website to share LT specific tech info. It covers what we have on campus, where equipment lives, where to find all our carts and such, what you need to do before the first day of school, etc. I'd love for you to take a look!

Find the new site at


Google Certified Educator

Google Provides some Educator Certification that is pretty awesome. The certification isn't free, but the preparation is. Certification will cost you $15 for Level 1 and $10 for level 2. I'm a big geek and love taking tests, so I think this is great fun.

Google also has a certified Innovator program which is really cool, and you can read more about it on their training site. to see if you would be interested.

If you are a great Googler, I would encourage you to check out their training and certification program here.

Summer Help Desk

All HelpDesk tickets over the summer must be submitted through the Summer HelpDesk ticket Icon in Eduphoria. Please be certain you make note of that before you leave. Go to Help Desk like normal and the Summer tickets are their own category.

Hampton OUT!

Today is my last day of work for the summer! I am actually going to be unavailable for much of the summer, so please be aware that I may not respond to email.

But I encourage you to use the Summer Help Desk ticket above if you need summertime assistance! I will be back when new teachers come back at the very end of July.