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September 25, 2015

Carroll Compass Dates

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I've read through your notes to me from the Tuesday Curriculum Update training (the purple sheet that you tore off). Many of you talked about wanting demos, learning walks, and coaching. I'm happy to provide any of these resources for you! Please let me what ways I can support you.

Several teachers found benefit in going through the coaching cycle last year. Here are their testimonies:

"I loved the feedback I got from the coaching process. I learn best this way. I feel that each teacher should be encouraged to do this." ~Katie Schroeder

" I absolutely loved the coaching process. I really like having the support of someone working with me to help me continue to grow."~ Leah Rumsey

If you have a goal that you are working on, I'd love to support you with it! Please email me if you'd like to set up some coaching or if you just want more information about the coaching cycle. I encourage all of you to at least give it a try!

Math News

Exemplars Idea: Each concept in the Exemplars Library has a Summative Question. The Summative Question has a link that says "Printer Friendly Anchor Papers and Scoring Rationales." Teachers have been using these with their students to help their students practice using the rubric on work that isn't theirs. I would love to come do a demo on how you can use this if you are interested!

The Summative Tasks also provides guidance for you to assess your students. It tells you what things to look at for each level. A third grade example is shown below.

Also, Check out the Exemplars video below of a 5th Grade Teacher using the rubric and Student Reflection Questions (sent in email earlier this week)! She does a great job explaining it to her students. I used the sports analogy like her in two of my demos this week and the kids really connected well with that example!
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Day 1 Exemplars_Ashley Elementary 5th Grade


Assessments are due next Wednesday, September 30th

Please make sure as you begin new clusters that you start out by viewing the Curriculum Writers' videos located on Eduphoria. These are meant to provide clarity for the content in the upcoming clusters.


Common Formative Assessments

I would love to support your team in creating Common Formative Assessments. We can use a CFA to see how students are grasping a concept. The information we receive from the CFA helps with targeted whole class or small group instruction, as it shows where intervention is needed. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time to create some together.

Identifying Essentials

Check out Lead4Ward's "Unpacking the Readiness Standards", it is a great resource to use in conjunction with your field guides to dig deeper into the standards.

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Learning New Things: Engaging ALL students

Continuing from last week...

The following information comes from Pages 28-33 of 7 Steps to Language-Rich Interactive Classroom by John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman. This week, we are focusing on Step 4 of 7.

Step 4 is Use Total Response Signals to Check for Understanding

Total response signals are cues students can use to indicate when they are ready to respond to a question or ready to move on to new material. There are 3 elements to an effective response signal:

1. Total: Includes EVERY student in the classroom

2. Response: Every student will make a choice

3. Signal: Respond with a visual signal. The signal must be clear enough so that you can immediately survey how many students can respond to the question or decision.

Total response signals enable us to consistently check for student's like an instant ongoing assessment throughout a lesson.

There are 4 different types of response signals: Written Response, Ready Response, Making Choices, and Rainking

See the chart below for specific examples of each type of response signal.

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