StJP Weekly Teacher Newsletter


The World Meeting of Families

Words cannot express what this week has meant to us as Catholics. The Lord truly does speak through Pope Francis. His words, prayers, and actions are a true representation of the amazing work that is being done on this earth. In his Friday Mass this week he spoke not only toward the Religious, but also the laity of our faith. He spoke to each and every one of us and I will forever hold those words close to my heart. As Catholic educators, we work not only to educate our students, but to guide them on their faith journey. Thank you for your dedication to StJP and to our students.

Week at a Glance

Monday: We will begin using the communal lunch area today. I will be there to help. Please have students with specific allergies sit at ends of table closest to gym doors. They may also choose to sit at the allergy free table as well. Most want to sit with their classmates. If you are scheduled for duty, please bring your procedures with you that were sent and placed in your boxes last week. This will take some time and patience to get the routine down.


Wednesday: Student forms are due (Handbook and Acceptable Use)

Thursday: Begin Infraction Calendars/Student of the Month certificates due

Friday: First Friday Mass/Helping Hands Activity/Early Dismissal/Faculty Meeting

Weekly Morning Prayer

I did not receive much feedback about weekly morning breakfast and prayer. We can discuss this at our Friday faculty meeting, but my thought is to have it on Monday mornings to get our week started with reverence, grace and positivity.

Forms for students

Handbook Forms, Acceptable Use, Opt-Out Picture/interview/student work Letters, and Loan of Textbook forms should be turned into each homeroom teacher.

  1. Please go to the google spreadsheet below and put an "X" in each box of what you have received?
  2. If you receive one that has multiple children on one form, please place an "X" next to all students that are on the form you receive.
  3. The forms then get placed into each students file in the main office. If there is more than one student, please make a copy and place it in each students file.

We have not done the Loan of Textbook forms, but we will send them out soon.

Google Calendar

StJP full time staff at Glenside Campus, I have shared a Google Calendar with you.

  1. Please decide what Thursday this year you would like to serve detention duty.
  2. Go to the Thursday date that you are available.
  3. Click on the word detention
  4. Then click edit event
  5. On the where line add your name and your room number
  6. Click Save Event and save only this event
  7. You should be able to set a reminder of this event for yourself in your calendar.

I am new using this, so there may be some short cuts or things we can do that I am not quite sure of yet, but willing to explore. I will probably will share this will all staff, but just starting slowly with this. It could be a great working calendar that we could all add to.

Birthday List

Please go into the Google Doc below and fill in your day of birth. I am hoping that we can celebrate each month at our Monthly Faculty meetings. Home and School has decided that they will have lunch for us the first Monday of each month, so I was thinking that each month on our faculty meeting day we could do some type of themed potluck and also celebrate birthdays. If this does not work for Little Joe's, possibly they could do something that does work on their campus.

I don't know if we have a Sunshine Committee that wants to organize this as well as provide decorations/cards/cake on our meeting day for those birthdays that month.

Ideas and suggestions are appreciated. If the majority think this is a good idea then we can start this Friday. If it is a go, we can start off with a very simple theme since it is coming so quickly. We could have a sign-up sheet for food items and set it up in the gym prior to our meeting.

Is there a way to have those that work our CARES program to also join us or at least be able to get some lunch and dessert if they have to work CARES?

Friday October 2 Helping Hands Activity

Catholic Calendar Objective: Month of the Holy Rosary - the power of prayer.


10:45 a.m. Prayer Partners gather together after mass to meet their Adoptive families.

· Read profile of your assigned family to the group. Encourage the group to discuss the similarities they see in their adoptive families compared to their own families. The only difference is that one of them is sick and they need our help.

· If the children have remembered to bring their rosaries, pray the rosary together in support of their adoptive family .

11:00 a.m. Suggested activity: Create a Helping Hand banner for your classrooms.

· Use paper and supplies provided tin your supply box to create two banners that will hang in your rooms all year long.

· Creative suggestion:

o Title it "Helping Hands from 1st and 6th grade" (example.).

o Write name of adoptive family in the center of banner with children's' handprints/names in different colors surrounding the family (dip in paint that we have provided or use the children’s’ markers or crayons to trace their hands or write names).

· Or...come up with your own creative spin for your Helping Hands banner!

· If time permits review a saint in your Saints Notebook. Children could be working on saint’s page while waiting their turn to decorate the banner.

At the conclusion of the activity, please place all of your supplies back in your supply box. You will be asked to put them outside your classroom door Monday morning for collection.


  • Reminder! Winter Warmth collection starts today! Bring in a pair of warm socks, mittens, scarves and hats to donate throughout the month of October. Collection boxes will be on each floor in both buildings (see included flyer).

  • Remind children to collect large Pretzel or Snack Plastic containers for an upcoming activity. We will need one per classroom, collected by December (photo of example below).

  • Take pictures of your group making their banners for the website!

October Helping Hands

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Faculty Meeting Agenda

12:20 Lunch

12:50 Prayer and Meeting to begin

IST/RTI Information-Alicia

Faculty Weekly Newsletter

Lesson Plans

Parent Conferences

2015-2016 Goal Setting

Agenda could change, but just wanted you to get an idea of the main ideas for the day.

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StJP's very first kick off celebration for the Annual Fund needs YOU to make it spectacular!

October 23rd is our first celebration to kick off the Annual Fund campaign and to recognize our Legacy Alumni that have made an impact on our school and community. Both MED Board and Committee members have been planning this event for over 6 months, looking for ways to ignite the community's spirit to give and support StJP.

A high faculty/staff participation to the event & the fund is an endorsement by our faculty/staff that they are invested in StJP and StJP is deserving of their financial investment. Faculty and staff participation also play a major role in the way others (StJP families, business owners & other donors) give to StJP. Ultimately, your participation is a vote of confidence in St. Joseph the Protector's future. We hope that you will be able to find time in your busy schedules to attend this historic event for StJP.

Why should I give?

Participation is truly our number one goal each year!!! It's not about the dollar amount, it's the fact that 100% of our faculty/staff participate. Your participation demonstrates to all others why they too should support StJP's Annual Fund, it starts with us first. So I thought of a great way for us as a staff to give, but in a way that does not weigh heavily on your pockets.


We could use your gym day each week as a dress down day. If you choose to dress down, you would donate at least $1.00 that goes directly toward our annual fund.

The other idea would be to pick one day each week as a staff to dress down. If you choose to dress down, you would donate at least $1.00 that goes directly toward our annual fund.

It would be wonderful if at the end of the year or throughout the year we could let people know that StJP Staff is so invested in their school, that they all support the annual fund.

Your input is greatly appreciated and we can discuss this further at our first faculty meeting on October 2, 2015.

If you find 8 minutes to spare please watch this....very inspiring!