Sabin Salutations

Week of October 5, 2015

What Happened This Week?

• Juan was a wonderful Top Gardener!

• Mrs. Chimel joined us as our Mystery Reader.

• We started a new positive behavior program. Ask your child about popping bubbles!

• The students learned about Main Idea and Supporting Details.

• During writing, students worked on their Halloween/ Fall narratives.

• In class, the students are busy becoming meteorologists! They are also learning about different weather tools. This week, we learned how to use thermometers and wind vanes.

• Math time focused on number lines.

What's Coming Up?

• Starting on Tuesday, two children will use the computer to complete a weather forecast. During science, they will "broadcast" their forecast to the class.

• We will be studying different types of storms. Our main focus will be on hurricanes and tornadoes. If you can, talk with your child about the current storm Joaquinn.

• We will continue to investigate Main Idea and Supporting Details.

• Our phonics pattern is the Bossy R.

• During math, the children will use line plots and compare measurements.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

Important Reminders

• School will be closed on 10/9/15

• School will be closed on 10/12/15

• Raz Kids minutes count on reading logs. Please remind your kids to use this great site!

• A few children still need a binder or headphones. Please check with them to see if they are in need of either material.

• Spelling Tests are on Thursday. Please help your child practice each night.