Down Syndrome

Kaley Sortillo

Down syndrome was named after an English doctor,John Langdon Down who was the first to categorize the common features of people with the condition.People with an extra chromosome 21 are affected with Down Syndrome.


There are many symptoms of Down Syndrome. Some common symptoms are learning difficulties,mental retardation,increased risk of having heart defects,characteristic facial appearances,and poor muscle tone. It has a lot of way it's can affect a persons daily life. First for adults some people might live alone while others live with family members or spouse. Also a lot of adults with Down Syndrome do not have jobs and can't work. They need help with health,financial,and personal issues. But when your a child you can't so some of the same Activities as other children. Your also unable to go to things like parks,theaters,museums,amusement parks,and the mall.
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Chromosome 21 if affected in Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is an result from Trisomy 21 which means each cell in the body has three copies of a chromosome instead a normal person with two copies.
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Three possible ways to treat Down syndrome are you could get physical,occupational,speech and educational therapies,surgery on blockage in your bowels,eye,pediatric cardiac,or screening for common medical problems associated with disorder. But the sad part us there is no cure for Down syndrome.
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Other Facts

-down syndrome is the most common genetic disorder caused by a chromosomal abnormity.

-in 90% of Trisomy 21 cases,the additional chromosome comes from the mothers egg rather than the fathers sperm.

-described in 1866,1959 French doctor named Jerome Lujeune discovered it was caused by the inheritance of an extra chromosome 21

-down syndrome occurs in about 1 in 800 live births.