Human Rights Violation

Freedom from Torture, Degrading Treatment

freedom from torture is one of the human right we have for being a human, but really just because we have that those right as human doesn't mean people follow that rights. In the past and till this day the rights are begin valeted for example in World War 2 many people are familiar with Hitler and what he did to most Jews. Either way Hitler killed over 1 million Jews in this concentration camps, and in the camps the would torture the Jews variably, mentally, and physically as well. They would burn them and put into gas chambers and separate them from their loved ones. The Jews where so mistreated they would look like live corpses because they where so thin and beaten. People might say ohh but that was a long time ago, that does not happen right know but really they are wrong. Now and days people in north Korea or going through very similar situations as those in the concentration camps. Their are four large prison cams, housing more than 100,000 people, systematic starvation, torture, rape and execution were commonplace. This types of actions go against one of the human rights in this case " Freedom from torture, degrading treatment" because as it is stated in article 5 " No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." And the actions being done in North Korea clearly go against this human right.

What is begin Done?

The organization called Liberty in North Korea and the reason they do started with this organization was the following. " Even if they make it to china, they face grave danger because the chines government arrest and forcibly repatriates North Korean refugees. If sent back, they undergo interrogation and are at the risk of extremely harsh punishment including torture, forced labor, forced abortions, and interment in a political camp. " Another reason was that if they do make it in China and don't get caught its hard to find a job because they have to start from zero and in some cations they have to become prostitutes or be forced in to sex trafficking. But you may be wondering how do they get the money to bring them over the border of North Korea. Most of it is donations from people and money from there sold products. Some people don't once a month and anyone can become part of this organization. Thankfully they have successful help 335 people escape from North Korea. But the organization only focuses on North Korea there are plenty of other organizations helping places like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo. They can be contacted by looking at there website and people can donate make videos and become part of the movement or even just learn more about North Korea in general.

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