Civil Rights Activities

World Studies 2


Make a T-Chart to compare and contrast Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin.

Do you feel the two cases can be compared or not?

Activity #1- Event Jigsaw

Please visit the website associated with your assigned topic. Read and take notes. Be able to explain to a fellow classmate the event in detail.

1) Brown Vs. The Board of Education (1951)

NY Times

2) Little Rock Nine (1957)

Stanford Education

Where they are today

3) Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-1956)

Stanford Education

PBS American Experience

4) March on Washington (1963)

NY Times

Activity #2- Montgomery Comic Book

As you read think about:

What events brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into the national spotlight?

What myths still exist today around the story of Rosa Parks.

Read pages 1-10

Answer the following questions and be prepared to discuss:**

1) According to the story, what role did Rosa Parks play in the Montgomery bus boycott?

2) What role did the African American ministers and leaders of the civil rights movement play?

3) What role did ordinary people play?

4) Was there a strategy involved or did these events "just happen"?

5) How did people get around riding the buses?

6) Was it easy to keep up the boycott? Why or why not?

7) How did Dr. King respond to the violence that was directed at his family? Why?

8) How do you think this relates to the idea of leaders being role models and leaders "showing the way"?

9) In the story, the narrator quotes Reverend Ralph Abernathy: "Those arrests were last minute desperation measures on the part of those who knew that some day soon, right and justice would prevail…" What do you think of this statement?

The non-violent techniques demonstrated in this comic book were used by The Fellowship of Reconciliation to teach those participating in the Civil Rights movement in the late 1950's. This comic was circulated throughout the South during the movement in an effort to teach, inspire and unite. Today, the book has been translated into Arabic and has been distributed to people in the Middle East to encourage non-violent change.

Skim (Read the bolded numbered sections and then skim everything else) this article about Rosa Parks. Be prepared to discuss.

1) What is our cultural image of Rosa Parks?

2) Who was Rosa Parks?

3) Why is it speculated that Rosa Parks was picked to galvanize the Montgomery Bus Boycott? How did her arrest link to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement?

** Lesson taken from Morningside Center for Social Responsibility

Activity #3 Speech Webquest: Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X


Using the links below, skim speeches by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr and fill out the associated questions on the provided worksheet. While you are reading make sure you can identify the differences in ideologies of these two very famous Civil Rights leaders.
Malcolm X:

“A Summing Up: Louis Lomax Interviews Malcolm X”

“Message to the Grassroots”

Martin Luther Kind Jr.

“The Power of Nonviolence”

“Letter from Birmingham Jail”

The questions to answer for each of these speeches will be provided in class. If you lose your questions or are not in class, please refer to the following website. All speeches and questions are within the PDF file attached to the link Black Separatism Worksheet #1. You many create the question chart on your own paper and turn it in without needing to print the whole file.

Activity #4 Cesar Chavez DBQ

Step 1: Reading and Class Discussion on "Heartless Harvest"

Please read the following article by Howard Whitman published in Collier's Magazine (Sept, 1947).

"Heartless Harvest"

(If you are present in class to read this we will discuss it, if you are absent please write a 1 paragraph description on the lifestyles of the two families from the article.)

Activity #5 - Civil Rights for Women

Step 1: Title IX Pro's and Con's

1) Read your assigned article below and answer questions 1-2 on the handout.

2) Then meet with others who have read the SAME article and complete questions 3-10. Develop a small presentation to present your article and questions to the class. Teach the class the views in your article.

3) After you have listened to all the presentations, answer the critical thinking questions 1-3. Provide your opinion on Title IX.

Article in Support of Title IX

1) Five Myths of Title IX

2) 40 Years of Title IX: Leadership Matters for Women in Academia

3) The Next Generation of Title IX: Athletics

Articles in Opposition to Title IX

4) Media Laud Title IX: Ignore the Dark Side

5) Title IX Case? Boy Banned for being "Too Good" for girls field hockey team

6) Title IX faces opposition

Activity #2- Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom Debate

Please read the following article from NY Magazine Online and be prepared to discuss the pro's and con's of each position.

Mom vs Mom