How To Use A Compass

The official guide to using a compass

How does the Earth's Magnetic Field affect compasses?

I bet you are wondering why a compass always point North. Well, The Earth's Magnetic Field has a huge magnetic field buried deep inside of it. As you can tell, Earth's Magnetic Field and a compass needle are both magnetized. The bar magnet is also at north which causes the compass needle to point North.

Parts of a compass

There are many parts of a compass. Some of the parts are the scales, base-plate, magnifier, and many more.

Compass Directions

In order to begin using a compass, you will have to know North, South, East, and West. You will eventually have to learn Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, and Northeast. Next you will have to set a target on where you want to go. It is important to have a target so you don't get lost Then, you will have to set a pace and a direction, for example, 100 paces North. Last, you would have to walk that many paces in order to find your destination.

* It would be easier if you use a map with the compass.

How To Use A Compass

How to read a compass

The needle always points North. Hold the compass, and point it in the direction away from you. Look at the compass to see where the needle points. The red arrow always points North, so the opposite of the red arrow would be South then the left side would be West and the right side would be East.