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Monthly Newsletter for All Things MBE (January 2020)

Mark Your Calendars

6th: Teachers Return

7th: Students Return

8th: PTO Budget Committee @ 11:30 & PTO Board Meeting @ 12:00

9th: MBS Spelling Bee @ 8:15 (Board of Education)

13th: MBS Board of Education Meeting @ 3:30 (Cherokee Bend Elementary)

14th: Career Speaker (4th-6th Grades)

14th: All-In K-3rd Grade Elementary Parent Conference @ 6:00 pm (MBE)

15th: Winter Reading Celebration with John Schumacher

20th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)

21st: Expressions Electronic Entry Deadline

22nd: All-In 4th-6th Elementary Parent Conference @ 6:00 pm (MBE)

23rd: Class Homeroom Pictures

23rd: Expressions All Submissions Turn-In Day (MBE Community Room)

23rd-24th: JUNA Competition (Birmingham Southern)

30th: MBE Annual Leadership Event with an Emphasis on 'Grandfriends'

31st: 3rd 9 Weeks Mid-Point Progress

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Expressions Art Contest

Students have a special opportunity to share their creativity and talents with this year's Expressions theme...'Why Not?' The possibilities are endless. Did I mention that MBE typically has the highest number of entries each year? Let's do it again this year!!!

Click here for more information and deadlines for submissions:

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Career Spotlights

This month's career experience is yet another one of our brilliant parents, Dr. Matt Might. MBE’s 4th-6th grade students will be mesmerized by the fascinating research and findings from Dr. Might's work in the medical field, especially in the area of rare diseases and disorders. From strategizing alongside the United States President regarding Veterans Affairs to developing personalized therapeutics at Harvard University and most recently serving as Director of the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Dr. Might continues to infuse computer and data science in his efforts to unlock discoveries and therapies for those living with rare conditions. We are grateful his family decided to make Alabama their home!

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All In Mountain Brook..Elementary & Preteen Parent Conferences Hosted by MBE

As a board member on the All In Mountain Brook committee, I continue to have my knowledge impacted through deep conversations and heartfelt inquiries from stakeholders around the community. We all strive to provide a nurturing and safe environment for the children who are growing up here. We are seeking answers to the questions that haven't been asked yet. We are working to develop the knowledge and resources needed to pave the way for the youth to live a life of preparedness and prevention. The collective efforts of this community have resulted in focused topics that will indeed benefit conference participants. Please join us as we tackle topics like parenting principles, raising resilient children, and navigating parenting in a digital world. We look forward to seeing you there at Mountain Brook Elementary. Dates and times are listed below.

*K-3rd Grade Elementary Parent Conference: January 14th 6:00-7:45 pm

*4th-6th Grade Preteen Parent Conference: January 22nd 6:00-7:45 pm

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Habit 4: Think Win-Win

For the month of January, the Knights student leadership team will be facilitating learning about Habit 4, Think 'Win-Win'. Each grade level will be participating in an interactive read-aloud with the classic book, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. In the story, a little train has to think positively and find a way to travel over the mountain after he breaks down. The little engine asks other bigger, stronger engines to help as they pass by but other trains don’t offer any assistance. Finally, a little blue engine comes along and offers to help the broken-down engine, even though she’s small. The little blue engine tells herself that she can help, and she pulls the toys over the mountain to the boys and girls on the other side. This story shows students that they can think 'Win-Win', even in situations that seem overwhelming.
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What famous writer is coming to MBE?

Can you believe that Mr. Schu, the 'traveling librarian', is bringing his love of books and reading to our MBE students and teachers this month? We are thrilled to have this world-renowned author demonstrate his enthusiasm on January 15th during our winter reading celebration. Parents are invited to attend. More details coming soon!

Click below to find out more about Mr. Schu's inspirations:

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MBE's 4th Annual Leadership Event Featuring 'Grandfriends' as Special Guests

Each year since 2016, our students and staff have been highlighting the amazing efforts they have put into building a school of leadership. Academics. Innovations. Self-Selected goals. Leadership roles. Morning Meetings. These are a few of the benefits of intentionally building time into developing the potential of every individual. The leadership principles outlined in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People coupled with the 2nd Step curriculum and the competencies found within the CASEL framework, provides our students with daily access to a multi-faceted approach to character development. Being a Common Sense Media school furthers our efforts as we seek to teach students how to safely navigate the digital world and leave positive footprints along the way. All that has been achieved has contributed to a community of learners that values one another, making all other work possible. On January 30th, we welcome you into our school to witness firsthand the individual potential and collective power of our students and staff!

To save you time the morning of the event, please take a few moments to fill out the information below. Those who pre-register will be able to pick up their pre-printed name badges from the front office that morning. Please remember to bring your driver's license with you in order to receive your visitor badge. Thank you for adhering to our safety policy and helping to keep our students safe!

Pre-Registration Link:

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3rd Grade Service Project

3rd Grade will lead the Share the Warmth service project for January. Students will be collecting both new and gently used coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts (without hoods...specific request from the principal at Hayes) for students at Hayes. They will also prepare sandwiches during a Morning Meeting to package and deliver to our partner school. Hopefully, some students will have the privledge of helping with delivering the clothing items and food at end of month. A collection box will be at front entrance of the school (by the office or auditorium), as well as in each of the 3rd grade classrooms. We hope you will join us as we work to provide for the needs of others and lead from the heart.

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Lancer Shout Outs

  • Many thanks goes to Ashley Seligson, Lauren Adams, Mary Virginia and Josh Mandell, Lindsey Meadows, Emily and Samuel Heide, as well as MBE's one-of-a-kind cusodial staff for working alongside Tyler Pilz and coordinating another memorable Holiday Program. It truly is a special time for all involved!
  • We loved having the 6th grade band students grace us with their holiday carols the week before we took a break. Such a treat!
  • PTO was gracious as always and provided a tasty lunch to the faculty and staff at MBE before the holiday break. We are so blessed to have a school community that cares for even the most basic needs like eating, as well as understands the importance of taking time to fellowship with those we work alongside. This is why MBE continues to have a strong sense of community. A special thanks goes to Bragan and Banks Petrey, Ashley Seligson, and Mary Virginia Mandell for coordinating the event and serving everyone.
  • On behalf of everyone at MBE, we are grateful for the many gifts, cards, and homemade goodies. It always feels good to know others genuinely care about and want to show you expressions of kindness during this season. Your love was and continues to be felt by each of us and in turn is given back to each of the students we serve!
  • Thank you to Hayden Scott and Susannah Baker for strategically displaying Lost and Found items in a way that encouraged students to take an extra look before they are donated. Let's all continue to help our little ones as they learn to be responsible for their belongings.
  • Ashley Seligson and Lynn Moorer continue to provide support with our service projects and donations to Hayes K-8 School. They have modeled servant leadership with their unwavering commitment to ensuring these resources are distributed in a timely manner.
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