Assessments from Sweden

What I learned!! Sarah Christensen

The BIG Five: Major Skills and Feedback

Major Skills

1. Analytical

2. Conceptual

3. Informational Management

4. Communication

5. Meta-Cognitive


1. Clarify/Understand shared learning Intentions

2. Engineering discussions/tasks/activities

3. Feedback that moves learners forward

4. Students are resources for one another

5. Students are owners of their own learning

(Rystad 2013)

Questions and Feedback

Teachers should ask multi-participant questions: Students answer questions simultaneously on mini-whiteboard or by multiple choice.
The BEST type of feedback is not the feedback, but the one given to the teacher, collect and read the work of the class, then plan and adjust your next lesson to meet the students needs.

No Hands Up!!! Have students raise hands to ASK questions and not answer them!!

Flipped Classroom: Use 21st technology/resources to activate student learning (Newman 2013)