Get Your VERY OWN Millipede!

Millipedes are the best invertebrates out of all of them! If you get one, you will not be dissatisfied. They're quite easy to take care of! Since they're herbivores, you shouldn't have to worry about them bothering you. They're exciting too! All those legs are so cool! Millipedes can have anywhere from 80 to 400 legs, which can be quite...interesting as they walk around. Don't worry, millipedes are non-venomous, so you shouldn't have to worry about a bite. That is, if you somehow get bit. Millipedes are quite docile and usually won't get aggressive. I bet that's a relief to all you entomophobic folks! Millipedes tend to live in cooler, damper habitats such as beneath leaves or rocks, or in rotting logs. Millipedes come in all shapes and sizes, with the largest ones being up to a foot long! Now that's what I call getting your money's worth! Millipedes are excellent invertebrates and you should most definitely consider getting one.
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