The Advanced 19th Century

Transportation Labor conditions and Industrial developments


Steam Boats
Steam boats were one of the main methods of transportationin the 19th century, by 1840 more then 500 boats were being used in the U.S. and by 1850 they were also being used to carry goods and people.
Railroad System
Railroads were also one of the main methods of transportation, the railroad system did what the steamboat couldnt by traveling trough land. By 1860 more then 30,000 of railroad covered almost every major city in the Eastern United States.

In conclusion these methods of transportation helped the economy surge forward by making travel easier and take less time, it also made possible what some people never believed could happen, it linked cities so long distance trade was possible.

Industrtial Development and Labor Conditions
A new era commenced when factories with machines were intoduced. This new era came with alot of change. The speed of how products are made changed, what would take alot of hard labor and effort and would also take weeks to make could now be made in a couple of hours, because of this new buisness, human labor was much more needed, so in Lowell, Massachussets they gave young unmarried women the chance to work and earn there own wages, these women were called the Lowell Girls. The ages of these girls varied some were not over ten years old; a few were in middle life, but the majority were between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. These new jobs were not easy, they were very dangerous, and many would die when working.