Roselena and the mean star


Once upon a time there shape town and in this town there was star and his really mean friends. but one day this new shape moved to town well her name was a hart and her ruthless name was Roselena he said in a mean vose . when Roselena came out of the car she said hay that was not nise to say.and when her mom came out of the car what she said to him om oh no it is not nice next time think before you say Roselena said well he just meet me maby when he noose me better. the next morning Roselena came out of her cotige .when she looked to the left and soll a sweet sucare criying behind the boshes Roselena said there there sweet hart what is wrong oh it's just that maen star throw me up into a branch and one time when i woke up i eneded up in the sky. my mom and dad were so mad thay thro me out of the house.oh well that is not good well you can stay with me and my faimly. scuar said raelly of cors i would not wont fresing in the cold that nihgt scare and his freinds snecd in there bedroom and put a jetpack on each others backand when they woke up they edded up in the sky. the end